12/28/2016: Abe Update

I’ve been working with Abe on the grooming table every night. He got to the point that he would hop up willingly and stand for touching in his safe places. He seemed ready for the next step: pretend nail clipping. 

He wasn’t. One touch with the clippers, not even actually attempting to clip, and he screamed, snarled, growled… The whole nine yards. Any movement or sound from me elicited a savage growl from him; if he was able, he would have absolutely bitten me. There’s obviously something there. 

One issue we’re working through is that once he gets to the point of snarling and snapping to protect himself, he can’t come back from it. No matter how long I wait, any movement will make him growl. And even hours afterward, things that used to be safe aren’t anymore. The meds are helping tremendously, but this is very different than anything I’ve dealt with. 

I’ve been working with a veterinary behaviorist, and I’m starting a training class in early January.  So far, I’ve only had one session with her, as we are waiting for the meds to kick in. Prozac usually takes 4-6 weeks to show the full effect. 

I need to think about what to do going forward. This is a learning experience for me as well as Abe! 


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