12/30/2016: Abe goes to the park

Today, my boyfriend and I took Abe to a dog park for the first time. Abe has played with a friend’s dogs before, but this was the first time playing with strange dogs without formal, careful introductions. He did so great! We were there for several hours, just letting him explore at his own pace. He was more interested in sniffing around than playing for the first half hour or so, but after he got the lay of the land, he found a buddy! His name was Benji, and he was a young lab mix as well. They were very equally matched! They play fought, chased each other, and generally played like young dogs would be expected to. It was very vocal, but luckily, Benji’s owner was super chill and wasn’t too worried about the very normal pup vocalizations. 

I know it looks rough, but I swear they were having fun! 

He also played chase with a chocolate lab: 

He had a great time! When we got home, he immediately passed out and has been sleeping since. 

We may go back again this weekend. One thing that will help build his confidence is having successful play sessions with other dogs. He doesn’t have a whole lot of social skills, so playing with other dogs will absolutely help! 


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