01/20/2017: Abe’s nail filing session 5

Another successful nail filing session! He’s really getting it now!

Here’s the video.

I didn’t have the camera in the case this time, so you can actually hear the audio. I think hearing me talk is going to explain more than I could by typing, so I’ll leave it at that. If there are questions, let me know.

One thing that I will explain is the fact that I’m talking to him essentially the whole time. Normally you don’t want to talk to the dog and amp them up while you’re trying to get them to focus because it can make them wiggly, inattentive, and imprecise in their actions. With Abe, however, he has a tendency to visually fixate on a task or cue without actually ACTING on the cue. He kind of freezes. If I talk to him and excite him with my tone, he’s more likely to try something. Even if what he tries is wrong, he learns!


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