01/25/2017: Paw touch session 3

Last night, I worked on Abe’s feet again. This time, I didn’t need to go to the nail filing board to give him a break; he was comfortable enough with the paw touches to continue the whole time. This is progress!

Here’s the video. It’s long, and I didn’t speed any of it up this time because it’s all pretty valuable to see and hear.

Another big win for this session was the fact that my dad came home and came downstairs during the session. Abe would have barked and growled and tried to get away if this had happened a few weeks ago, but this time, he just looked at him and went back to looking around for food. He was a little concerned but not overly so. Whatta g’boy.

Yet another big win was my discovery that he doesn’t actually mind the clippers themselves touching and pretend-clipping his nails if he’s lying down and I don’t hold his foot while I touch the nails. Seems that he’s more concerned with the paw holding than the clippers. That’s good! If I need to, I can put him in a down and clip his nails without actually touching his paw pads. This isn’t ideal since I don’t have much control of his foot; he could potentially hurt himself if he yanks his foot away while I’m mid-clip. But if I can hold his foot down from the top while I clip so he can’t yank it away as easily, that’s more doable. More progress!



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