03/08/2017: Abe updates

Few updates…

I’ve gotten on the list for the next beginner agility class at my local kennel club. It should start up here soon. In preparation, I’ve been working on his “right paw” and “left paw” cues, and I decided that I needed a new harness for him. He has three harnesses:

A step-in harness that I bought to bring him home in


On this harness, the strap that goes between his legs is too short. This pulls the rear strap into his armpit (seen in the photo). So I bought his next one.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of the next one. It’s the same step-in style, but it matches his padded collar and has a longer connecting strap. It helped, but it still rubbed his armpit. So I got him this one:


This one isn’t a step-in, so it sits even further behind his elbow. It’s padded and reflective, so I use it on hikes.

His padded outdoor harness fits him really well. However, it’s kind of bulky for agility, so I decided to turn his ill-fitting step-in harness into a Roman style harness that actually fits him.


It sits way back from his elbow and is custom fit for him, since I made it myself. 😉

This harness will only be used for agility training. I’m using a harness to avoid pulling on his neck as he’s learning. I want to keep him sensitive to leash pressure on the collar. In situations where I expect him to wear a harness for an extended time, I’ll use his padded one.

Another update… I sent a sample in to a company that analyzes a dog’s cheek swab for their breed makeup, and I recently got the results! I am absolutely floored. According to DNA My Dog, Abe is:

  • 20-36% Beagle
  • 20-36% Dalmatian
  • 10-20% Pit bull
  • 10-20% Border Terrier

Dalmatian?? Really?? There are a few traits of those breeds that I see in him, but I’m honestly not convinced that those results are totally accurate. Beagles and Dalmatians are notorious for being intelligent but hard to train due to their lack of focus. Abe is the picture of focus… He has no problem maintaining eye contact for ten minute stretches, even in high distraction environments. As such, I decided to order another DNA kit from another company to compare results. We’ll see how they come back!




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