03/28/2017: Abe’s Agility Class + Another Update

Yesterday, I got an email from the instructor of the beginner agility class saying that I could join the new class starting last night because someone had dropped out of the class at the last minute. So of course I did it!

The goal of the class is to introduce the dogs to the agility obstacles in a calm manner and to build the dog’s confidence on these obstacles. We started with basic jumps, walking on a plank on the floor (beginnings of the dogwalk), and starting the weave poles. Abe LOVED it. I took his leash off immediately and started sending him over jumps within a few minutes. He had such a good time! I’m excited to see where this takes us.

Another update:

I decided to register Abe with the AKC Canine Partners so that we can eventually compete in local trials. I decided to register him under the name Boiler Pup. I did this for a few reasons… 1. It’s a play on (my alma mater) Purdue’s trademark chant, “Boiler Up!”, and 2. I met my boyfriend on the Purdue Practical Utility Platform (PUP) team! We are now officially a family of Boilers 😉


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