04/04/2017: Abe’s second agility class + a pony update

Last night was Abe’s second agility class. We worked on our handling skills, and I helped Abe gain confidence on the scarier obstacles: the tunnel and the dogwalk. We have more work to do on the dogwalk; he’s really anxious about getting up on high surfaces because of his past experience with the vet exam table. I’ll be working on that at home. We’ll get there!

At the start of class, each handler individually showed off one of their dog’s tricks. This was new to me since I’ve not done this class before, so I was unprepared! I thought about showing Abe’s “left” and “right” cues, but I hadn’t worked on it for a while, and I didn’t have time to get him focused enough in time to show it off. Next week!


Another recent development includes Piper, my mini. I’ve decided to foster a miniature horse from the Indiana Horse Rescue, where I got Billy, to keep Piper company this summer. Because Piper is a mini, she has a tendency to get fat on air… She can eat just as much as the big horses, even though she’s so tiny, so I need to keep her on a dry lot most of the time and limit her access to grass. As of now, she’d be by herself in the dry lot while the others got to go out to the pasture, and that’s not fair to her. So I decided to foster some company for her. The mini’s name is Scarlett, and she’s a tri-color paint. That’s legitimately all I know about her! I don’t even have a photo! I’ll be picking her up this weekend, and I’m sure she’ll have some issues we’ll have to work through as well, so I’m sure she’ll end up on my blog. I’m excited!


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