The Crew

In the order of acquirement:



Ginger is a 15yo, 7lb Rat Terrier/Chihuahua; I got her from a breeder at 8 weeks old. She’s old, mostly blind and deaf, and has a wonky front leg from a break when she was a pup. She’s more of a “family dog” and LOVES my mom.



Faith is a 15yo Thoroughbred that I got off the track when she was 6 years old. She used to be my English horse when I showed, but because of the sad state of her joints (a result of racing), she’s retired now.


Billy is a 14yo Arabian gelding that I adopted from a local horse rescue group when he was 5. He came to me knowing nothing but as sweet as can be. He does everything: carries flags, runs barrels and poles, pulls a cart, trail rides… The list goes on and on. He’s my go-to for absolutely everything. He’s fearless and goofy and kind. He’s my boy.



Jake is a 16yo Quarter Horse that I got when he was 7 years old. He’s my reiner and has excellent body control; he can everything without a bridle, moving off only my legs. I’ve put a ton of work into this horse!



Roxie is an 18yo Appaloosa that I got in the summer of 2012. She’s had a history of mistreatment and neglect, and her owner sent her to me for training. She had absolutely no brakes; if you picked up on the reins, she would frantically run off. I worked with her all summer and got her solid on the basics, and her owner was so impressed and moved by how well she worked with me that she let me keep her. I have used her for jumping, which she absolutely loves, but more recently, I’ve turned her into my boyfriend’s trail horse. She’s fearless and stout and reliable, and she loves to trail ride with Billy. She takes care of my boyfriend, a novice rider, extremely well.

Tally and Shay


Tally (bottom) and Shay (top) are 3yo cats that I adopted from the local shelter a few years ago. They’re goofy and cuddly, and they keep our rural home mouse-free. They greet me when I get home with leg rubs and purrs, which always makes my day just a little bit better.



Piper is a 4yo, 36″ miniature horse that I got this past August. She had been dropped off at a slaughterhouse feedlot after her owner beat her to the point of terror. She was too small to go on the slaughter truck with the big horses without getting crushed, so a lady who worked at the yard sold her to me instead. She’s absolutely terrified of people, but we’re making progress. More on Piper here.



Abe is a 2yo, 35lb Lab/Border Collie mix. I got him from a shelter in November of 2016. He’s been mistreated and is very nervous and scared as a result. More on Abe here.